Butternutty Salad

This is a super simple salad which we often have mid-week with a cooked chicken or also works really well as part of a BBQ, picnic or party spread. The salty feta and sweet butternut squash make for a moreish combo and all the colours look really pretty all piled up together.


Olive oil- good glug

1 large butternut Squash

1 pack feta cheese

1 pack rocket (I sometimes use the spinach, watercress, rocket salad mix you get in most supermarkets)

Large handful of pine nuts


Pop the oven on at 200 degrees and pour the olive oil in a large oven proof dish. When the oven has heated up a bit, put the dish with the olive oil in to get it nice and sizzling.

In the meantime chop the butternut into cubes, you can leave the skin on as it goes lovely and caramalised as it cooks, plus it’s a real pain to peal.

Tumble all the cubes into the hot oil and toss them about, season with a good amount of salt (this is a good time to use any flavoured salts you never know what to do with – I have a rosemary and garlic one that goes really well)

It will usually take about 40 minutes for the squash to cook and the skin to go nice and brown – when they’re done let them cool slightly before adding the rocket, which will wilt slightly on the warm squash.

Cube or crumble up the feta and mix it in alongside the pine nuts and the salad is ready to serve, either slightly warm or cold, either way is delish!


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