Pinny For Your Thoughts…..?

As if I didn’t have more important things to waste my time on, along comes Pinterest to mood board my life! For someone who loves organising and planning and bringing ideas together, this is veritable social media porn for me!

I’m meant to be gearing up for my return to work, and in my quest to prepare myself I just seem to be accumulating more little sidelines and addictions! Hubby always used to moan at me BC for working on my lap-top til the early hours, now I’m still on the lap-top, but taking on the crucial task of putting pretty pictures together and then writing about it! The funny thing is I take on these little endeavours with the same gusto I would reserve for a key project at work, all furrowed brow and lip chewing. When Hubby asks me what I’m up to, I mumble that I’m trying to create a Pinterest board for our trip to Euro Disney in a few weeks, he looks at me as if I’ve just sprouted a sentence in Gaelic and goes back to his XBox.

Incidentally, if you’ve ever wondered (and why wouldn’t you!) what a mood board of ‘Euro Disney with a baby’ would look like, you can have a gander here!


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