Kiss Feeding – The Next Baby Led Weaning?

So have you seen this video of  Actress Alicia Silverstone feeding her 11 month old son like a little chick?

Initially, I was totally grossed out, she chews the food then passes the gobby ball of mush from her mouth to his, yuk! She believes premastication is a very natural way of helping her son cope with more challenging textures of food and thinks the little ritual is ‘cute’. ¬†If you think you can stomach it, you can watch the full video here.

'Kiss Feeding'

However, it seems that this weaning technique has been around for thousands of years and is likely to have been how our ancestors fed their young, a human blender if you will! But apparently we have a lot to thank ‘kiss feeding’ for, this gesture of affection between mother and child is thought to be where snogging originated from! Though I must say most of my snogs have been pretty food free, give or take the odd bit of chewing gum!

So, do you think it will catch on? Can’t see me doing this with little Vi, plus, can you imagine me asking the nursery where she will be going if they mind helping with her rather particular dietary requirements at lunch time!?!