Hello World Indeed……

Well hello World, my name is Belen and this is my gorgeous daughter, Vida. She burst into our world in August 2011 and has been making life very colourful ever since.

In two months time, I will be returning to my full time job. This blog is an attempt to reconcile my feelings about the incredible balancing act I’m about to undertake. I have no idea how I will feel or how it will go, but the plan is to document as I go, the ideal and the reality, the joys of independence versus the inevitable guilt.

The countdown is beginning and I intend to make the most of the next few months, with family trips, coffee mornings and long leisurely lunches in the sun, you can probably already tell my idealistic notions are far removed from reality!

However, Im determined to have lots of fun before squeezing into my high heels in June!