Well hello World, my name is Belen and I have a gorgeous daughter, Vida. She burst into our world in August 2011 and has been making life very colourful ever since.

A few seconds old


In two months time, I will be returning to my full time job. This blog is an attempt to reconcile my feelings about the incredible balancing act I’m about to undertake. I have no idea how I will feel or how it will go, but the plan is to document as I go, the ideal and the reality, the joys of independence versus the inevitable guilt.


There is little I love more than a pair of sky high heels, granted, they used to make a much more frequent appearance BC, but I still don the odd 6 incher on a girls night out! Although I’m not quite as stable as I used to be after a few white wines, I still love a good boogie with my ladies when we all forget we’re nearly 30 and give the young girlies a run for their money!

It’s also worth noting, I’m a mere 5 foot tall, so heels were not so much a luxury as they were a necessity, walks on the beach were even performed in a fetching wedged UGG. However, my little size 3 feet have welcomed the introduction of flats since comfort has become the order of the day, I wonder how they’re going to fair when they’re shunted into a Mary Jane 5 days a week when I go back to my job full-time.

I love my job and have worked hard to get myself to a reasonably good position, my career used to be my main focus and whilst it will always be hugely important to me, my priority is now my family. I have chosen to go back to my job full-time because I want to, simple as that, I enjoy it and it’s a huge part of who I am and obviously the extra money always comes in useful! I hope Vida will grow up to see her mummy as a headstrong, determined, hard-working woman who at least tried to do it all.


Vida was born in August 2011. Her name literally means ‘Life’ in Spanish (my rather peculiar name, Belen, is also Spanish and apparently means Bethlehem, but I tend not to shout about that too much). I’m half Spanish and was convinced my little girl would take after me with dark features and a mass of brown hair so chose a name fitting to her Hispanic roots, how wrong was I! Vida is the spit of her daddy, all bright blue eyes and fair hair, she’s absolutely beautiful….. but doesn’t look a dot like me or a dot Spanish for that matter!

I have been with my husband since 2002 and we were married in April 2010, we’re the best of friends and have lots of fun together, having Vida has brought us so much laughter and joy, and I’m so thankful for our little family. I mustn’t forget Alfie, our wonderful King Schnauzer (Cavalier/Schnauzer cross) – he’s the best dog in the world and loves his sister, but tends to leave the room when she practices her very high pitched, ringing in the ear inducing squeal!

Mushed-up Meals

Another great love of mine is cooking! Going through weaning and experimenting with Vida has been one of my highlights as a mum so far! She’s tried anything and everything and even eats some of it! I’ve been quite ‘anything goes’ with her weaning, a bit of mush, a bit of finger food and I’m sure a few bits of fluff have got in there too!

So my cooking is not quite as dinner party ready as I used to like, but I still like to cook from fresh, try new recipes and feed friends and family. We also love eating out and Vida has been a great table guest so far, happy to chomp on a sweet potato chip or the like. We’ve had to swap spontaneous romantic meals at our local French Bistro for planned Sunday lunches at somewhere squeal friendly, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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  1. Congratulations on your new family! I’m rooting for you as you venture back into the work force. What could be better than to show your daughter how to love yourself, your work, and your family. Vida is a very lucky little girl. Also, I wanted to let you know I’m glad you enjoyed “Fruit Flies.”

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