Lazy Weekend aka Food Fest

Easter Weekend has been mostly spent preparing and eating copious amounts of naughty treats, so I’ll keep this one short as I have a serious food baby growing in my tummy that will only be purged by an extended periods of time vegging on the sofa.

Chocolate makes me happy mama!

The food fest began Sunday morning, we all set up camp on our double bed to commence our Easter Munch-a-thon. Hubby and Vida got comfy whilst I got cooking.

EPIC Hot Chocolate

We kicked off proceedings with Jamies Epic Hot Chocolate, so thick you need a spoon to consume it. This was followed by a round of Eggy Pots. Vida had her own baby friendly version which inevitably ended up all over the bed, much to my mildly OCD hubby’s distaste, but I insisted we should have a lazy Sunday breakfast in bed. This insistence soon came back to bite me in the arse when I ended up sitting in a mountain of crumbs, desperately trying to mop up yolky dribble from the duvet cover. I soon ousted the happy campers from the bedroom, quietly cursing myself for ignoring hubby’s reasoning that the bed may not be the best place for Vida to practice feeding herself. Bed stripped. Lesson Learnt.

Eggy Pots - best consumed out of bed

This weekends celebrity chef recipe trial came courtesy of Mr Simon Rimmer on Sunday Brunch from a few weeks, ago. I’ve been meaning to try his Jaffa Cake Cheesecake for a while, but was mildly put off my the amount of stages involved, so this rainy Easter weekend turned out to be a perfect time to get everyone in the kitchen helping out, or at least trying to.

Whilst the cheesecake cooked and set we had a big old slab of roast lamb, with all the trimmings and corresponding condiments, I am hugely particular about this aspect of roast dinner etiquette!

Roast lamb dinner - pre mushed

The rest of the weekend was spent pottering about, going for walks and reminiscing about Easter Bank Holiday weekends of yesteryear, where we would, we concluded, have done the exact same thing, but whilst nursing a nauseating hangover!

Happy Easter!