Wine – from mummy to dummy!

I love wine.

I’ve always had a wonderful relationship with wine, but after having Vida, I discovered it has a new and wonderful power. It has the ability to magically turn off my mummy switch!

I would love to say it also turns on my sexy, funny, interesting switch, but that would be a lie, as Saturday night would attest.

It’s not often us girlies get a chance to get together to drink, gossip, laugh and dance. We have been known to get a bit over excited at the prospect, peak too soon, and end up in bed by ten, but this time we were determined to make it out for the duration, I just wish someone had told me the duration meant 4am, ouch!

Being a very sensible group of ladies, we thought it wise to have a bite to eat first to line our stomachs and have a good old gossip. We cackled and squealed and drank and drank. If you were in Prezzo on Saturday night and heard a table shouting about a variety of birthing stories, post breastfeeding boob structure and what happened on One Born Every Minute, I apologise now. At one point the waitress nearly jumped out of her skin as I jumped up brandishing an empty bottle of wine and screeched that we’d be needing another one pronto.

Meal finished, we hobbled to our next destination. Of course, we were only hobbling on account of our excessively high heels not the wine, we’d eaten you’d see, so we couldn’t get drunk, we are so clever!

Lady Lushes

I think I was making up for all the nights I’d not been out and opted for the most insanely high heels (I would take a picture to show you, but I seem to have misplaced them, I think they may be in the garden maybe?) We were all clearly somewhat out of heel practice and there were a few war wounds (but nothing a kids ikea plaster can’t temporarily fix, only mummies come this prepared!)

No, they don't notice at all!

Shots were ordered (when is this ever a good idea? They taste rank and are £4 a pop for the pleasure!), more wine consumed, more cackling and probably a lot more hobbling, then it was time to get our boogie on. We lost one in the chaos of taxis, the lure of bed and thought of a 6am wake-up by her two kids, proved to be too much. She put up a noble attempt, very nearly taking on the role of lead singer for the band and retiring at a very commendable 12 o’clock.

After a bit of a tussle with the doormen (no we cannot queue, we haven’t been out for ages and we need to get some more shots – not the most convincing of arguments!) we made it to our next stop, more drinks, a bit more dancing and lots more hobbling. This is where we lost number two, tired and bleary, she hung up her dancing shoes at a very reasonable 1am.

At this point we were 3 remaining and onto a night club we went, more shots, more dancing, lots of hugging long lost friends. By 2am, we were down to two and my stamina was wavering, I made it to bed by 4am, with a few lost hours in between!

I woke up 3 hours later and took a moment to survey the damage, do I have my phone, check, do I have my cards, check, how many receipts have I got in my purse, too many, check. I’d left a path of destruction from the front door right through the hall and to the kitchen, where I must have culminated my removal of clothing and accessories with my fake eyelashes on the chopping board.

Thankfully, Hubby took the childcare reigns and looked after Little Miss all morning whilst I quietly festered in self pity and alcohol sweats. How on earth did I use to do this every weekend? My feet were killing, my head was banging, my mouth was dry and I’m sure I smelt a bit dodgy, and I had an infant to try and care for! The best thing is she didn’t care what mummy looked like, I still got all my usual cuddles and smiles and that made the horrendous hangover just about bearable!

Who could feel miserable with this around!

Suffice to say, recipes tried and tested this weekend = zero!


Shower Power!

The sun has been shining all day and we have been at a beautiful house by the sea for my best friends surprise baby shower, perfect start to the Easter Bank Holiday. And even though I haven’t been at work for 7 months, a four day weekend still feels extra exciting. I love the feeling of being completely disorientated because a Friday feels like a Saturday and a Saturday feels like a Sunday and it taking a good week to work out what’s going on, this combined with the fact I rarely know what year it is, let alone month, makes for a rather interesting time.

Hubby was off work so Vida had a day with daddy whilst I rustled up some foodie treats and went to the party! We all brought some dishes or decorations and got there a good hour before my friend arrived to get the place all tarted up.

The girls really surpassed themselves with the gorgeous food and decorations they made, we had triangle sarnies (with crusts off of course!) Easter cupcakes, white chocolate and walnut cookies, some amazing (Dukan diet friendly!) smoked salmon and mackerel pate with galettes and even some baby bottles filled with sweeties!

Treats galore!

My offering consisted of my mini dippy crab cakes which went down an absolute storm with mummies and babies alike. I also tried out a Nigella recipe for cosmo cocktail sausages which have all the ingredients you find in the famous cocktail, they were a bit of fun, mega sticky, but also really tasty and great picky food for a party. The final thing I whipped up was my tried and tested butternutty salad, always a hit and so so easy to make.

My friend got spoilt beyond belief, she found out she was having a little girl during her first scan, so all the gifts were suitably cute and girlified. I’d chosen a gorgeously soft Merino Kids wool sleep bag as my gift and some cute Trumpette socks which look like little shoes and actually stay on! One of the best gifts she got, in my opinion, was a hamper full of essentials, bongela, calpol, infacol, gripe water, dribble bibs, wipes, nappies, muslin cloths and much more! I can just imagine her husbands face when she gets home wondering what the hell each little bottle and lotion is meant to be for!

It’s hilarious watching the childless girlies staring at a Bumbo trying to work out what the hell it is and how the hell to pronounce it, even the mummy-to-be asked if gripe water was a type of drink. Nodding your head knowingly that it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know what it is now, but after trailing through forums and websites at 3am looking for that secret sleep inducing nugget, she’ll try it all and soon know what each bottle is for and whether to put it on bum or in mouth and the best thing being, she’ll have it all to hand thanks to the magic box of tricks! Genius!

I’m not entirely sure when baby showers became the norm in England and love them or hate them, they’re a bit of fun and a chance to celebrate being fabulously female! And as I looked around the room at all the beautiful ladies whom I adore, it made be think what a total berk that Samantha Brick really is! If you haven’t joined the millions of people shouting at their computer screens and staring wide mouthed at this woman’s distorted view of womanhood (and herself)- you have your chance here!

Hated because she's so beautiful?

Anyhow, that’s a sufficiently soppy, pinky, perky, Girl Poweresque post. I’m off to make my Sunday a Monday.


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