Hubby’s First Encounters of a Sensory Kind

And so it was it was the day of the Baby Sensory Disco.

Vida loves her weekly baby sensory sessions with flashing lights, music, the parachute (don’t ask, all I’ll say is it is very, very cool!), but this promised to be a suped up version with special guests and bouncy castles, woohoo!

Boogie time!

Only problem was I was due to go to a meeting in Wolverhampton for work, so Hubby was on bubba duty. I never in a million years thought he would actually go along, chances being he would be the only dad there and really would be walking into the unknown. However, with a bit of gentle (ahem ahem) persuasion from me, he decided he would give it a go.

Date with Daddy

Four phone calls later, he had completed operation leave the house, and was on the twenty minute journey to the baby disco, sounding quite chuffed with himself for dressing (pre-designated outfit obviously), feeding and mobilising our little bundle. Hubby had cleverly timed his departure with nap time, anticipating that she would happily nod off in the car en route and thus wake-up refreshed and ready for disco action. Did she sleep? Did she bugger!

So anyway, they arrived on time and in good spirits, a few of the regular mummies recognised Vida and came over to introduce themselves, feeling quite pleased with what a good husband and dad he was, he entered a bit of light chit chat. Hubby then realised he’d left the change bag in the car, with Vi’s mid-morning milk, snacks and nappies, so off he trots to rescue the essentials.

I then get phone call number five, “Uh, I forgot the change bag, I haven’t got anything with me, and she hasn’t had her nap.” I could literally hear him sweating! To say I didn’t feel the slightest smug grin creep across my face would be a lie, but I did feel bad for him, it was quite a big deal for him to make the effort to go and not hide at home or down the park and I genuinely wanted them to have a fun time.

He managed to get through the hour without any nappy/feeding/teething/puking/sleep depravation emergencies, so it all turned out okay. However, I feel what he experienced in that hall during that hour may prevent him from taking on such activities anytime soon.

I’d told him all about how we do lots of singing and dancing around, banging on instruments and flashing lights, so he was somewhat prepared for what was to come. But as I said, this was a special event, a monthly occurrence, the baby equivalent of a night on the tiles, if you will. There were surprises and guests and squash!

The special guest, it turned out, was Peppa Pig! Neither Vida nor Hubby have seen the show, so imagine their faces when a giant pink gyrating pig saunters towards them in near darkness to the sound of ‘She’s a Monster.’ Vida apparently did a fantastic rendition of my resting face (think furrowed brow, down turned lips, general displeasure) and Hubby fixed a grin whilst quietly hoping she didn’t burst into tears.

She’s a monster… Beautiful monster!

Luckily she didn’t freak out, so it was onto the next obstacle, the baby bouncy castle! Again, my usually super smily daughter had a look of sheer distain smeared across her face, making Hubby feeling even more on edge. Thankfully, his attention was soon averted when one over-enthusiastic mummy bouncer took out a group of small children.

This, he decided, was a good time to make tracks and get back home for milk time and much needed naps, for all involved.